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Are you interested in discovering why fiber alignment is important? Are you unsure what to do with your empty Cryogen bottles? The answers to these questions and more can be found below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, if you cannot locate an answer to your question.

Service Questions

Why do I need a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service?

By scheduling periodic maintenance throughout the year with our Field Service Engineers can ensure that your medical laser investment remains operating and generating revenues for a long time. Preventative Maintenance (PM) service is NOT a service to be avoided by the laser owner/operator. Rather, PMs can save money and time. Many problems with laser operation can be corrected before they become too costly.

Laser Scientific and most manufacturers recommend two preventative maintenance services per year.

Can Laser Scientific send an engineer to my location for laser repair?

Laser Scientific dispatches Field Service Engineers nationwide for on-site repair of laser equipment. Our staff of Field Service Engineers have years of experience working on Candela laser platforms. We will fully explain any and all failures and operational problems encountered with your system. This is very important beyond just the repair, but also to prevent future failures.

How often should I have my laser serviced?

While we get this question often, it is difficult to provide an exact answer. Like the OEM, Laser Scientific recommends a Preventative Maintenance service every 6-12 months. Depending on usage, only one PM per year may be necessary. As lasers in use today deliver very high treatment energies, there is ‘wear-out’ associated with laser components, thus requiring replacement. Most all medical laser systems will require service at some point in their life. Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life to be expected. However, with proper maintenance and planning these repair costs can be minimized.

How can I find out what a certain fault code mean?

A fault table and troubleshooting guideline can be found in the Operator’s Manual, however, our representatives are pleased to assist you in determining the meaning of a particular fault code. In addition, we’ll gladly get you in touch with our service professionals in order to further troubleshoot the error.

What is the Service Call process?

Upon completing the Service Request form online, or contacting us via phone, your sales representative will put you in contact with a service professional to further troubleshoot the error or issue you are experiencing with your laser.

Once you have spoken with a service engineer, we will provide you with a repair quote to include travel charges, service call fees, and any parts we anticipate to be necessary to complete the repair. Any parts we don’t use will be returned to LS inventory and will not be included on the final invoice.

The scheduling will be confirmed once the quote is signed, returned and payment has been pre-authorized.

Ask us about our service agreements and how to receive additional discounts and priority scheduling!

How does the hand piece repair process work?

Contact us via phone, email or website to discuss the issues you are experiencing with your hand piece.

Once you have spoken with a representative and it has been determined in-house service is necessary, you will send in your hand piece for an evaluation.

A complete evaluation will be performed on your hand piece by a member of our service department. Once the evaluation is completed, a repair quote will be provided to you for review and approval.

Repairs will begin once the signed quote is returned and payment method has been approved.

Once repairs are complete, your hand piece will be shipped back via UPS, often the same day it was received.

An Evaluation Fee of $275 will be charged if repairs are declined, otherwise the $275 fee is applied to repair costs.

Does Laser Scientific offer Laser Engineer Training?

Yes, Laser Scientific offers laser training classes for Field Service Engineers. The targeted platforms are: Candela “Mini GentleLASE®, Mini GentleYAG®, and GentleLASE Plus®. Adjustments can be made depending on the needs of the participants. Please contact our service department team for more information!

How often should I replace the flash lamps?

The replacement of the flash lamps is recommended every 6 month to 1 year depending on usage and energy settings. Flash lamps should last 500K to 1M pulses.

The cryogen won't quit spraying or is not spraying correctly on my GentleLASE handpiece. What should I do?

Refilled or “dirty” Cryogen will cause your DCD valve to leak. The handpiece will need to be evaluated and repaired in our lab by engineers. The customer should consider purchasing Cryogen from a vendor that does not refill to avoid repeating the problem in the future.

How quickly can an engineer get to me?

Upon completion of the paperwork and acceptance of the quote, our engineers can typically be on-site within 24 hours. Our Gold Service Agreement customers always receive priority placement.

Of course, every service call is unique so our Field Service Engineers and Customer Service team work directly with our customers on each individual call to prepare all necessary estimates, authorizations, and parts request.

Why does my machine keep prompting me to change the canister when its full?

This is usually resolved by simply resetting the Cryogen Counter once the canister is replaced.

How can I get a Discount on a Service Call?

Our Gold Service Agreement includes some complimentary repair parts and discounts on all other parts needed. Discounts are often available on the Gold Service Agreement and payment terms are also an option. Please contact us directly for more information.

Why is my Handpiece heating up?

Pitted optics or windows in the cap or distance gauge will cause the hand piece to heat up significantly. Since the laser beam path is impeded, the energy gets trapped and the energy is released outwards, in turn heating up the hand piece.

Why do I keep getting a Purge error?

Purge errors commonly occur when there are dirty optics in the handpiece. The pits on the optics trap the energy from the laser beam, heat up the handpiece and change the composition of the Cryogen Gas resulting in a purge error. If you are experiencing this please call us, as you may need to consider purchasing a new Optics Cap or Slider.