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Are you interested in discovering why fiber alignment is important? Are you unsure what to do with your empty Cryogen bottles? The answers to these questions and more can be found below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, if you cannot locate an answer to your question.

Product Questions

The cryogen won't quit spraying or is not spraying correctly on my GentleLASE handpiece. What should I do?

This problem is often associated with either a worn out cryogen valve or contaminated cryogen.

Often times, the valves can be repaired and the problem will not warrant replacement. One of our most popular services is the hand piece rebuild and is offered on the GLP, MGL, & MGY. This service repairs and/or replaces most faulty components inside and including the hand piece shell.

To avoid this problem, NEVER refill your cryogen canisters and never purchase cryogen from a vendor who reuses cryogen canisters.

How long will a case of cryogen last?

This is a question we get asked often. It depends on a number of variables, including: cryogen settings, condition of handpiece and frequency of use. If you feel you are changing cryogen canisters more often than usual, it may be time for a handpiece service as there may be a leak in the system.

What is the best way to store a delivery system when not in use?

We recommend your delivery system be stored in the large box it was originally delivered in. This also applies to backup fibers. Coiling fibers too tightly will result in damage to the fiber. For this reason, we do not recommend storing delivery systems or fibers on wall hooks.

Is there a difference between clear and amber distance gauges?

We hear this question often. While the amber-colored distance gauges are similar in color to the OEM, we began manufacturing colorless gauges because debris is easier to distinguish. For this reason, the laser operator will typically change out/clean the clear distance gauges more frequently, resulting in a longer life for the clear gauges.

Do you offer discounts for sending in the failed component?

On some items, we do offer core-exchanges. Please contact us directly for more information.

What's the difference between GLP and GLPX Fibers?

The Duralite-GLP fiber uses a detachable 12/15/18mm slider barrel (not included). Our Duralite-GLPX™ has an integrated 12/15/18mm slider and includes the end cap and delivery optics. The GLPX has proven to last longer in service than the traditional GLP fiber with detachable slider. The Duralite-GLPX™ is a more cost effective solution, as the end cap is included in the price. Most importantly, the Duralite-GLPX™ is a superior fiber as it completely eliminates “flashing” at the distance gauge.

How do I know that LS cryogen is compatible with Candela Lasers?

Our canisters are specifically designed to fit all Candela’s models, including GentleLASE Plus, Mini GentleLASE, Mini GentleYAG, and GentleMAX Pro. In addition, Laser Scientific ensures quality by using only the purest, triple-filtered product.

What do I do with empty Cryogen bottles?

While it is best to check with your particular city prior to disposal, completely empty canisters are safe to throw away in the regular garbage. For optimal results, Laser Scientific recommends always purchasing new Cryogen canisters and never refilling or purchasing refilled canisters. Refilled canisters can result in overtreatment and Cryogen burns due to rust and particles buildup inside the canister.

Why are my Distance Gauges burning?

This is common in GentleLASE Plus lasers when the traditional GLP fiber/detachable slider combination is used. It is caused by the shifting of the delivery optics inside the slider, in turn causing the laser beam to fire off-center and clip the distance gauges, causing a bright flash of light. Consider purchasing one of our Duralite-GLPX™ fibers which includes an integrated slider and end cap. The end cap on the Duralite-GLPX™ holds the optics more securely, eliminating clipping of the gauges.

Why do my Distance Gauges keep falling out?

This typically happens when the rubber O-rings located on the outside of the distance gauge begin to cracked and wear out. This is often due to an overheated hand piece. Please call us directly to troubleshoot.

Are there any disadvantages to refilling cryogen canisters?

Refilling Cryogen has the potential of contaminating the hand piece‘s DCD valve and the flow line with particles of rust and other debris. In time, this debris will can obstruct the flow line causing leakage and damage to the valve.