About Us

Laser Scientific‘s founder, John Crownover, started out owning medical laser centers and experienced first-hand the frustration that failed equipment and high repair costs cause. Having a background in electrical engineering, John rolled up his sleeves and began repairing his own lasers. He quickly realized his laser’s high-failure-rate parts needed more than a quick fix. One innovation led to another and in 2004 Laser Scientific was born.

Today, Laser Scientific serves as your one-stop-shop for all of your Candela laser needs. From the smallest laser components to complete Revamped Laser systems, our products have increased efficiency, performance, and durability. Alongside our patented products, our team of technicians are experts in repairing and maintaining Candela lasers.

Have questions? Just ask! Whether you need help troubleshooting a fault code, ordering Cryogen, choosing the right part for your laser, or anything in between – our team is always here to help!

Company Photo

Laser Scientific is proudly based in Round Rock, Texas.