Fiber Optics

Superior Fiber Optics for Candela Lasers

Laser Scientific is an industry-leading supplier of Candela Delivery Systems and holds two United States Patents for high-energy Fiber Optics Delivery Systems.

Our selection of DuraLITE Fibers are FDA 510K approved and are manufactured with identical fit, form, and functionality as Candela Fibers. The DuraLITE Fiber is 100% compatible with OEM replacement fibers, yet yield superior benefits including:

  • Higher temperature rating materials
  • Improved distal-end alignment, reducing flashing
  • Better flexibility in use

Please use the table below to find the corresponding DuraLITE fiber for your Candela Laser:

Laser Model LS Fiber ID Slider Type Used Delivery Optics
GentleLASE/MAX Pro DuraLITE-Pro Integrated 12+15+18mm  in Cap
GentleLASE/MAX Pro DuraLITE-Pro Integrated 6+8+10+12mm  in Cap
Mini GentleLASE DuraLITE-MGL Integrated 12/15/18mm  in Cap
Mini-GentleLASE DuraLITE-MGL Integrated 6+8+10mm  in Cap
Mini GentleYAG DuraLITE-MGY Integrated 12+15+18mm  in Cap
Mini GentleYAG DuraLITE-MGY Integrated 6+8+10mm slider  in Cap
GentleLASE Plus DuraLITE-GLPX Integrated 12+15+18mm slider  in Cap
GentleLASE Plus DuraLITE-GLP Detachable 12+15+18mm, 8mm, 3x10mm  in Slider
GentleLASE 15mm DuraLITE-GL Integrated 8+10+12+15mm  in Cap

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