Laser Heads + HVPS

Laser Heads + High Voltage Power Supplies

Laser Scientific manufactures Laser Heads using all new components for most Candela models. Restore the energy output of your GentleLASE system today.

Laser Scientific also is your source for High Voltage Power Supply units for most Candela models. All of our HVPS units are built to our performance requirements, meeting or exceeding Candela specifications.

Laser Scientific offers a 1-year factory warranty on all HVPS units and a 3-month warranty on Laser Heads when professionally installed.

Note: Many of the repair parts within the laser head are NOT intended for purchase by the general public, but for highly-skilled laser repair professionals. These are all new parts, carrying implied warranties, however, Laser Scientific will NOT be responsible for their installation, use, or any occurrence which may result.

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