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Are you interested in discovering why fiber alignment is important? Are you unsure what to do with your empty Cryogen bottles? The answers to these questions and more can be found below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, if you cannot locate an answer to your question.

General Questions

Why should I buy a previously owned laser instead of a new laser?

Simply put, previously owned lasers are more affordable and often a smarter investment choice for businesses. In fact, purchasing a previously owned laser instead of a new laser can save you up to 50%.

Laser Scientific only sells Warranty Certified Laser Equipment. We have rigorous certification criteria that requires completion of all repairs, thorough unit testing, and documentation prior to listing the lasers for sale. To further prove our commitment to quality, we warranty each and every machine we sell.

What is fiber alignment and why is it important?

In the GentleLASE® system, the fiber optic cable delivers the laser’s energy to the slider within the handpiece. The handpiece holds both the slider and distance gauge.

Proper vs. Improper Alignment

Figure A illustrates proper fiber optic, slider, and distance gauge alignment within the handpiece. Proper alignment results in a well-centered beam within the treatment area of the distance gauge.

Figure B demonstrates improper fiber optic alignment. The fiber’s misalignment is accentuated by the slider’s internal optic lens, which causes the beam to hit the distance gauge. This type of misalignment causes bright white or yellow flashing and subsequent burning of the distance gauge. When this happens, users frequently experience burning of the plastic distance gauge and emission of nauseous fumes. This drastically reduces the life of the distance gauge and leads to overheating during treatments. 

Laser Scientific critically aligns each fiber during the manufacturing process, resulting in a well-centered beam with no flashing and burning.

How do I tell if my Candela laser is a “Mini”?

“Mini” is an industry-wide term used to differentiate the GentleLASE® (GL) and GentleYAG® (GY) systems. If when adding water, you must remove the side panel, you do NOT have a “Mini” GL or GY. The Mini GLs and Mini GYs have a water tank easily accessible in the back of the machine.

 Another way to tell if you have a Mini is by the 12-digit serial number on the back of your Candela laser.

  • Mini GL systems are represented by: XXXX-0880-XXXX
  • Mini GY systems are represented by: XXXX-0950-XXXX


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