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Please use this section as a resource to answer questions you may have regarding Laser Scientific products and services. If you cannot locate an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

General Questions

Why should I buy a previously owned laser instead of a new laser?

Previously owned lasers are simply more affordable, and generally a smarter investment choice since the price may be one-half the cost of a new laser. When buying from Laser Scientific, you will receive our Warranty Certified laser equipment, guaranteeing the highest quality. Unlike our competitors, we own every laser we sell. We have a rigorous and thorough certification criteria, requiring any and all necessary repairs are done and that the unit is thoroughly tested and documented prior to listing them on our website.

To prove our commitment to quality, we warranty each and every machine we sell.

Why is fiber alignment important?

On the GentleLASE system, the fiber optic delivers the laser energy to the slider within the handpiece. The handpiece housing holds the slider and distance gauge. Figure 1 illustrates laser beam travel within the handpiece, as both the fiber and the slider optics must be aligned with the distance gauge.

Proper and Improper Alignment. Flashing and burning may result from improper fiber distal-end alignment, causing overheating and charring of the distance gauge.

Figure "A" shows proper alignment of the fiber and slider optics with the distance gauge within the handpiece. This results in a beam, which is well centered within the treatment area of the distance gauge.

Figure "B" demonstrates poor alignment of the fiber. The fiber misalignment is accentuated by the slider's very fast lens, causing the beam to hit the distance gauge. This type of misalignment causes bright (white or yellow) flashing and subsequent burning of the distance gauge. Frequently, there is burning of the plastic distance gauge, and sometimes-nauseous fumes may be emitted. This drastically reduces the life of the distance gauge and causes overheating during treatments.

Within the past year, Candela has begun inserting a stainless steel shadowing ring in their distance gauges. This ring attempts to prevent the laser from hitting the distance gauge, which causes burning and charring. This fails to address the problem, which is poor fiber alignment. In addition, the ring becomes extremely hot and is of a safety concern when changing windows during longer treatments.

Laser Scientific critically aligns each fiber during the manufacturing process, resulting in a well-centered beam with no flashing and burning.

Does Laser Scientific offer payment terms?

We require prepayment for all in-house services and product purchases. Ten month payment terms are available on Gold Service Agreements. On-site service requires credit card pre-authorization

When will my order ship?

If your order is placed prior to 2pm CST, it will typically ship the same day. This assumes the items in the order are in stock.

What payment methods are available?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as wire transfer payments and ACH transfers. Please contact us for more information on any of these options.

What is the transit time for UPS Ground Shipping to my location?

The picture below shows approximate UPS Ground time-in-transit from our location.

What is your return policy?

All returns must be sent in for evaluation prior to being approved for refund. Laser Scientific charges a restocking fee for returned products of 15-25%. This fee simply attempts to recover our costs. For laser optics we have a 'no return' policy. This includes lenses, fiber optics, windows, and some other products.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts based on volume and revenue levels. In addition, we also offer weekly specials via Facebook and Twitter. Please contact our sales team today for more information.

How do I tell if my Candela laser is a “Mini”?

Because there are multiple models of GentleLASE and GentleYAG systems, “Mini” is a term used industry-wide to differentiate the GL and GY systems. Mini GentleLASE (MGL) and Mini GentleYAG (MGY) were manufactured from approximately 2003 to 2012.

If, when adding water, you must remove the side panel, you do not have a “Mini” GL or GY. Mini GLs and Mini GYs have a water tank easily accessible in the back of the machine.

Another way to tell if you have a “Mini” is by the 12-digit serial number, located on the back of all Candela lasers. MGL systems are represented by the following: XXXX-0880-XXXX, while MGY systems are represented by XXXX-0950-XXXX.


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