Mini-GentleLASE 6/8/10mm Optics Cap


MODEL: LSA50510-012
Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs

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The Optics Cap contains the final in-line focusing optics on the slider.
Both the Mini-GentleLASE and the Mini-GentleYAG platforms use optics caps.

Mini-GentleLASE 6/8/10mm Optics Caps are constructed with all new materials and optics, installed per manufacturer’s procedures. Each selected spot size range, depending on the efficacy of your delivery system, has OEM specified optics which Laser Scientific uses in this optics cap.

Optics caps should be inspected frequently for signs of pitting and degradation. No service call is required for optics cap replacement.
This is a simple procedure for the laser operator who is cost conscientious and monitors laser operating condition.


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