DuraLITE-MGL Fiber | 12+15+18mm


MODEL: LSA50509-011
Shipping Weight: 5lbs

In Stock

Laser Scientific’s DuraLITE-MGL Fiber has an integrated 12+15+18mm slider and uses an end cap. The Fiber is constructed with all new bio-compatible materials and offers substantially higher transmission. It is 100% compatible with Alexandrite wavelengths and is FDA Approved for use on Candela Mini GentleLASE systems. The Mini GentleLASE Delivery System integrates the Fiber, DCD, and Control Cable. This replacement fiber must be installed in your existing delivery system. This straight-forward procedure involves removing the old fiber from the expandable sleeving and re-installing this replacement fiber in its place.


  • Candela Mini GentleLASE


  • Please note Delivery Optics (End Cap) is not included in the price of the Fiber.
  • Made in the USA


  • Laser Scientific warranties against materials and manufacturing defects. All Fiber Optics are assembled and tested at our facility in Texas.
  • Failed Fibers must be returned to Laser Scientific for inspection prior to a warranty replacement being issued. All returned Fibers must include the original Laser Scientific serial number fully intact and as originally affixed.

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