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DI Water Pump for Candela PRO SERIES

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Model: LSP06000 Shipping Weight: 7.0000 LBS.

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DI Water Pump for Candela Pro Series Lasers

The DI water system circulates the coolant for the laser head in order to maintain constant temperature and optimal laser efficiency.

Candela's Gentlelase Pro was originally designed with an AC DI water pump. (It's the same pump that has performed well on the Mini Gentlelase and GentleYAG lasers.) The AC water pump is powered by the AC line voltage - in other words, the 'wall' outlet. This works well for all of the Candela lasers. Late in the design cycle Candela added the PRO's alternate circuitry for a 24VDC pump for the DI water system. Was this a good choice? Well, the field reports are mixed. The one thing that is certain is that the DC pump - the short black pump with a larger diameter - is yet another current load on the already heavily burdened 24VDC power supply.

Laser Scientific offers quick-install kits for both the DC and AC pumps that are direct replacement (DC pump) and the fully compatible AC pump for the PRO Series platform. This DC pump is an exact replacement for the original OEM DC pumps, (and more affordable than Candela's). The DC pump is adequate for this laser, but it doesn't have a great service history in the field.

As the Candela PRO Series platforms have the option of operating the DI water pump from DC power OR AC power. Laser Scientific offers both DI water pump kits as replacements, since the AC pump option is 100% compatible with the Pro Series platform. 

Which is better?  What is the replacement pump of choice?

** We actually recommend the Laser Scientific AC pump kit, engineered with all of the correct vibration-free mounting hardware and proper electrical connections for a 15-minute pump changeover. We have seen the Gentlelase Pro DC pump fail far too early and often, having a disappointingly short service life. Whereas the AC pump has an excellent field reliability record, lasting five to ten years!

If you're changing your failing DC water pump after only a couple of years of service, the next DC pump replacement will last no longer, and you should consider the AC pump solution. Ultimately it's your choice, but feel free to call us if you have questions or concerns.

As always we will warranty your satisfaction with either of these products.

Either of these DI water pumps should be installed by a qualified laser service engineer.


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